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Our Student camp was held this year from August 1-6, at Boračko Jezero in B&H, after taking a break for a few years. 15 campers took part in this week (from Varaždin, Koprivnica, Zagreb, Osijek, Sarajevo, Buenos Aires and Seattle), and 2 speakers (ZVEŠ Maribor). The theme of the camp was „Be The Change“, and the topics we talked about were Did Jesus set the standards too high?, How to live a life of excellence?, Managing expectations, How to live a life of purpose?; and in the mornings we had our time of devotional around the topic Rebellious Father – knowing the heart of the Father. Besides the spiritual content, our time at the camp was spent in many activities: rock-climbing, team games, zip line, canoeing, etc. Both the spiritual content and the activities had the purpose of challenging students to step out of their bounds and fears, to respond to the challenge, to learn to trust each other and count on each other for help and support. Given the reactions of campers, we believe we have reached our goal.

“I have some years of experience in STEP summer camps, through which I’ve received so much. I was looking forward to this year’s camp knowing that it couldn’t be bad; however, I wasn’t expecting to be so overwhelmed by how amazing it was. And now, some weeks later, I sit and think about everything that happened there. Not so much about the activities (which really were amazing and challenging), but about the people: a small group of students, coming from various background stories that are still waiting for the plot to be revealed; students full of questions, insecurities and searching. And I think about how none of that hindered their desire to wholeheartedly accept their own and others’ imperfections, to conquer hights and hearts with their vulnerability and courage, to show faithfulness and character in small and big things. My heart is full and thankful as I think about them, the riches we were given in those few days, about the Spirit of God who awoke His values in all of us. Maybe I’m nostalgic, but thinking about all of this, I cannot but remember the words from my time with STEP: “From that day nothing remained the same. It became clear that the world can be changed and that there is someone who is already changing it; or if not that, at least that there is need for change. Those who felt it were together for just a short time, but it was enough.” (Mateja Magdalenić, Zagreb)

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Ela Magda

General Secretary of STEP


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