Festival of Free Thought

We want to be free to discuss and ask questions about faith, God and life. Join us for a week of events, 22-25 October, 2019 every evening at 19:30 in Princ Student Cafe on Savska 164. 22 – Life without God is meaningless… 23 – The church is divided and hypocritical… 24 – Suffering disproves […]

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Being in Zagreb


My time in Zagreb has been a tough and challenging one. With this, I don’t mean I haven’t enjoyed it. In fact, this time has been a time of growing in character and resemblance to God. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it, because I’ve met some awesome, inspiring people who are not afraid of getting […]

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Our summer camp is over!


Our Student camp was held this year from August 1-6, at Boračko Jezero in B&H, after taking a break for a few years. 15 campers took part in this week (from Varaždin, Koprivnica, Zagreb, Osijek, Sarajevo, Buenos Aires and Seattle), and 2 speakers (ZVEŠ Maribor). The theme of the camp was „Be The Change“, and […]

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We’ve got a new website


Dear friends, As you can see, we have a new web site! In this age of fast technological progress, we wanted to be more accessible and also clearer about who we are and what our mission is.  That is why we created this responsive, fast and functional web site that is also mobile friendly! Here […]

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