About Us


The Student Evangelical Movement – STEP, began its work in the early 1980s. At that time the goal of the movement was to gather students from various evangelical denominations with the aim of encouraging spiritual growth, evangelical fellowship, and giving a testimony of faith in Christ in the context of the University. This vision and mission STEP shares with its global family, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES –, which now gathers 165 countries worldwide. All movements share this goal of proclaiming their faith clearly and relevantly in the Academia, with the aim of transforming the wider society through the Gospel of Christ.


STEP’s vision is a world in which:

  • students have a personal and stable relationship with God as their Creator and Savior, and are showing through example that Christianity is not an irrelevant lifestyle limited only to certain areas of life;

  • all Christians have practical love as the foundation of fellowship, and differences are seen as enriching instead of divisive;

  • students are actively taking part in their local church communities;

  • we recognize a model of leadership that is worth following in various areas of life, at the University, in Church, family, society; a model that is founded on biblical principles of leadership;

  • students are socially engaged and bringing Christian values into all aspects of social life, especially in those places where the Gospel still hasn’t begun changing the usual patterns of behavior.